Discount Flights to Ecuador in the $300s (While They Last)

Good news fellow bucket list-ers! A service that we follow, Scott’s Cheap Flights, sent out an email notification TODAY that flights to Ecuador are on a major sale. Fares are currently at about 50% of their normal cost which means roundtrip fares as low as $300 for some lucky travelers!

If you happen to live near any of the following hubs (mostly New England and the deep south), you are in luck! The flights from our main hub, Austin, aren’t that much lower than they normally are (there are lost of options in the $500 range), but if you are coming from further afield, this is a great way to cut down on one of the most expensive portions of any international trip – getting to the right continent and country to start your trip.

Roundtrip Prices as reported by Scott’s Cheap Flights here (may require account login; there is a free option that doesn’t require a credit card on file and this deal isn’t behind any of their paywalls):


  • Austin (AUS) – $369
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – $293 
  • Jacksonville (JAX) – $357
  • Miami (MIA) – $347
  • Nashville (BNA) – $367
  • New Orleans (MSY) – $319
  • New York City (JFK) – $301
  • New York City (LGA) – $327
  • Newark (EWR) – $327
  • Philadelphia (PHL) – $357
  • San Juan (SJU) – $314
  • Washington DC (DCA) – $367


  • Atlanta (ATL) – $374
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – $299 
  • New York City (JFK) – $341
  • New York City (LGA) – $379
  • Newark (EWR) – $384
  • Raleigh (RDU) – $380
  • San Juan (SJU) – $381
  • Washington DC (DCA) – $388

You will still need to book your final leg from either Quito or Guayaquil to get to the Galapagos Islands, but the most expensive transcontinental portion of your trip will be significantly lower.

Tip: If these are not your regular airport hubs but you can easily/affordably reach one of the airports listed above, it might be worth using these cities as a jumping off point for planning your trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos since these specific routes are known to be discounted.

Be sure to read our complete guide on how to successfully book both legs of your Galapagos flights and how to avoid some major pitfalls when booking through third-party airfare vendors. These flight deals are listed as from January through April 2020, so be sure to check the price on your Galapagos Island flight route before you buy since some of this overlaps with the high season for local Ecuadorians.

Plan Before You Buy (Even If It Is Last Minute)

The cheaper first leg of your flight may not mitigate the higher cost of a peak season flight cost for the island leg of your journey, so be sure to weigh the total cost of your airfare before booking. We also highly recommend booking directly with the airlines if possible.

If you aren’t able to find the flights or a comparable price from airfare aggregators such as Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner or Google Flights on the airline’s own web page, there might be a catch – think as an absurdly long or dangerously short layover which can ruin any vacation if you don’t know what you’re in for. It is possible to make the most of a long layover if you’re creative, but it all depends on your travel style, so buyer beware.

If you live in the United States, you have 24 hours to cancel any flights that you book and some airlines, such as British Airways, will allow you to hold your fare for up to 48 hours for a nominal fee (usually around $40) if you aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger.

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